Message from Rockford Police:
On Friday, a Rockford City of Police officer stopped in the parish office and suggested we notify OLC employees, school parents, and parishioners.

After an incident of daytime thefts from vehicles, the Rockford D.P.S. is reminding all residents to never leave purses or other valuables in their vehicles. Lock the doors and take all personal items with you whether you are parking in a public place or at your home.

These thefts usually occur in daylight in big parking lots like OLC (an incident happened at MVP just a mile south of OLC on Friday around noon: 5 cars were broken into and purses stolen, from locked cars, car windows smashed to get at purses in view inside locked cars). The thieves are usually from out of town, they work in groups, steal purses from cars, move on to the next town.

If you see any suspicious activity in parking lots or neighborhoods, please contact the Rockford Department of Public Safety immediately at 616.866.9557.