Anointing of the Sick

To be announced.


Baptism preparation is required for parents before scheduling baptism. Classes are held Mondays at 7 p.m. on alternating months. Please call the church office for further details (340-775-1650).


For first Holy Communion, please call the church office (340-775-1650).

Note: The reception of Holy Communion, in Catholic teaching, indicates an agreement of faith, on the recipient’s part, with the Catholic doctrine of Jesus’ real presence in this sacrament. Catholics observe a Eucharistic fast of one hour prior to receiving communion. Therefore, it is inappropriate to have any food, candy, gum, etc., in your mouth while in church.


Please call the church office (340-775-1650).


  • Call the church office 6 months before the wedding date (340-775-1650).
  • If you reside outside of Saint Thomas and plan to get married at Holy Family Church, see information for off-island visitors.
  • To apply for a marriage license, do the following:
    • Both applicants must come in to the Family Division of the Superior Court in the judicial district in which they desire to be married. If any of the applicants were previously married, he or she must bring with them a certified copy of their Divorce Decree. If either applicant is a widow or widower, he or she must bring a certified copy of their spouse’s Death Certificate.
    • There is a fifty dollar ($100.00) non-refundable application fee which must be paid with the filing of the Marriage Application. There is a non-refundable fifty dollar ($100.00) application fee, which must be paid when the marriage license is picked up after the eight (8) day period for posting in accordance with 16 V.I. Code Ann. § 37.
    • For parties who reside off-island and are requesting information to get married in the Virgin Islands, please note that upon calling the Family Division, the clerk will obtain pertinent contact information from you. A Marriage Information Fact, an Application for Marriage License and a License and Certificate of Marriage will be forwarded to you. Applicants arriving from off island should attach a letter with the application detailing the date of their visit, the length of their stay; the date of preference if desirous of having the marriage performed by a judge. Please note that there is an eight (8) day period of posting of marriage applications, except where previously granted an exemption by the Court.
    • An online marriage application is available at the Superior Court forms page.


Saturdays 4:15 – 4:45 p.m.; fourth Wednesdays 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.; or by appointment.

For first Reconciliation, please call the church office (340-775-1650).